Top 5 Sites to See in India

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Top 5 Sites to See in India

Created by the 07/05/2013
India is famous for its rich art and culture. Nothing in the world can compare to the diversity of the Indian people. It is just simply a sight for beauty. When you visit India, you have to be ready with so many kinds of languages you will hear, people you will meet, delicacies that will keep your taste buds wondering and of course, traditions you will see. Here are the top 5 must visit places in India.

Top 5: Mumbai

Mumbai is more commonly known as Bombay. It is one of the busiest places in India. If you really want to take an in depth look on the Indian culture, then this is where you should go. You will learn be able to see the truth behind the poverty in India despite the many rich families there. On a lighter note, Mumbai is where Indian film was born – yes, Bollywood! There are lots of theaters here and you can do some shopping as well.

Top 4: Auroville

Auroville is a place in India where a lot of people from different races reside. The main mission of this place is to let people live in harmony despite national and political differences. The Matrimadir is a huge gold sphere located at the city which symbolizes the Divine’s answer to man’s inspiration for perfection. This site to see has a solar power plant and a marble room where visitors have said they experience a different consciousness.

Top 3: Backwaters of Kerala

This site can be found in the Arabian sea coast. This is a beautiful chain of lagoons and lakes. There are lots of activities to do as you marvel around the waters of India. It is strongly suggested you stay at least one night on the houseboats offered. There are many villages in the area as well so try to make friends to learn more about the Indian culture.

Top 2: Shimla

Shimla is the Queen of the Hills. This place has a very rich history which is well preserved and still evident up until today. Located in the Himalayas, there is thick forest that will welcome you which will really make you feel one with nature. Don’t worry because there is still a taste of civilization with shopping areas and great restaurants to try out. The Christ Church is located in the Shimla and is the 2nd oldest church in India.

Top 1: Goa

Goa is the house of the best beaches in India. Of course, a trip would never be complete without a trip to the beach, right? The temperature is warm and the waters are clear – paradise indeed. There is a lot of partying going on so you are sure to enjoy! The nights are full of lights and music and there is a lot of food as well!


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